Week2Information Literacy

 Essay regarding Week2Information Literacy

Info Literacy Project

Angela Garcia Ascencio

DeVry University

Publishing ENGL one hundred thirty five Professor John Isenhour

1 . In your words, identify points inside the peer assessment cycle that seem particularly crucial and explain why. The peer assessment cycle has many steps which might be important like the step of presenting the info that has been collaborated at an appointment of peers and receiving feedback about that info. This step permits the researcher to hear others opinions with what has already been identified, and gives more direction to where to continue the exploring. After a manuscript is written by the investigator the next essential step would be the expert assessment at the diary before popularity or syndication. This is important because there are experts in the field that have vast knowledge and they will scrutinize the manuscript, not knowing who mcdougal is, and ensure that anything that is created is informative.

2 . How does a great editor differ from a peer reviewer? Use at least two points to support your response. The manager differs in the peer gurus because he perhaps there is from the start and he will end up being the ultimate specialist on if it gets published or not really. The peer reviewers are available during a single step in the process only.

three or more. Based on this info, explain whether your document for this week was peer reviewed? How could you determine this information? My article was a little confusing as it was written in a third person strengthen, and it had been written about an e book that was published. Mainly because it was not posted in a scholarly journal like JAMA or NEJM but also in a magazine named Normal Foods Merchandiser.

four. As you focus on your research with this class, in which specifically is it possible to look to discover peer-reviewed info? The DeVry Library provides the option to select only scholarly articles inside the search, along with Google; they are good places to begin searching for expert reviewed details. Also, as my topic is about a medical condition I could search in a medical diary like JAMA or NEJM and find expert reviewed content articles.

Week 2-Rubric for Information Literacy Project ENGL one hundred thirty five

Total Details Possible

Total Points Earned



Peer Assessment Cycle

Items Possible

Factors Earned

Appropriately identifies items in the expert review routine that seem especially important and explains why. 10-8. 5


Appropriately identifies a lot of the points inside the peer review cycle that seem especially important and clarifies why. 8-6. 5

Recognizes an important idea but not the points inside the peer assessment cycle that seem particularly significant and explains why. 6-4. 5

Recognizes a depth but not the points inside the peer review cycle that seem particularly significant and explains why. 4-0

Difference Between Peer Review and Manager

Points Possible

Points Earned

Clearly identifies how a great editor varies from a peer reporter and uses at least two points to aid the response. 10-8. five


Plainly describes just how an editor differs from a expert reviewer and uses at least one particular point to support the response. 8-6. a few

Describes just how an manager differs from a expert reviewer, although not clearly. Uses at least one indicate support the response. 6-4. 5

Describes how a great editor differs from a peer reviewer, but not evidently. Does not support the response. 4-0

Peer Review Content

Points Likely

Points Gained

States whether selected article was expert reviewed and describes how to get peer reviewed sources. 10-8. 5

Says whether selected article was peer reviewed, but would not explain. Identifies how to find expert reviewed options. 8-6. a few


Claims whether chosen article was peer evaluated, but would not explain. Does not describe how to find peer examined sources. 6-4. 5

Will not state if selected document was expert reviewed. Would not describe where to find peer analyzed sources. 4-0

Mechanics and Grammar

Items Possible

Points Earned...